Rental Fence Panel CAD Drawings

Are you adding CAD drawings of temporary rental fences to your construction project proposal? If you do not, why don’t you? Don’t leave the design and quality of your main defense against vandals and trespassers up to chance. American Fence Rental provides free CAD drawings as a drawing and a PDF file, product specifications to easily be incorporated in architect’s project proposals for all your rental fencing.

Rental Fence Panel Specifications

Rental Fence Promotional Materials

Rental Fence Product Sheets

Why Choose Our Anti-Climb Rental Fence Panels?

American Fence Rental’s anti-climb welded wire rental fence panels are an immediate deterrent for would-be trespassers who will quickly realize that climbing the fence is not an option. They won’t be able to simply move the temporary rental fence panels either with our solid and heavy single-piece base design. The base is a solid polypropylene shape that weighs much more than the typical sandbag.  No more worries about broken sandbags spilling out and beyond the construction site for you to sweep up later.  Broken sandbags also leave stands & panels unsupported to blow over onto pedestrians and cars under the slightest of conditions.

Our anti-climb temporary rental fence panels include an additional diagonal brace design for high-wind areas providing more confidence in the stability of the system where needed. Their welded wire mesh design provides a smooth even finish in support of promotional screening and signage.  Your company’s promotional signage should be sharp and smooth.  No bulging, ripping or tearing from uneven chain-link surfaces. Our anti-climb fence panels also have support signage advising others not to trespass onto the site.