Temporary Fence Services


Fence Rental Your Way

American Rental Fence offers a wide range of options for companies who want to invest in their own temporary fence systems. If you are constantly renting temporary fencing and moving it from project to project, why rent if you can own it? American Rental Fence makes owning a temporary fence easy with several ownership-based services.

Purchase Your Own Temporary Fence Systems

If you are constantly installing and removing temporary fencing or anticipate a long-term, multi-year project need, it may make sense to purchase your own temporary fence system in lieu of paying rent. American Rental Fence offers a wide range of temporary fence panels, gates, stands, braces, and hardware. We inventory all these materials for immediate needs. Use our online store, contact us for a free quote or visit any of our ten service centers.

Repair & Replacement Services

As your temporary fence system is your first line of defense in protecting your project, your panels and stands will get damaged. If we are storing, installing, or transporting your system for you, we are happy to assist in repairing your panels. If the materials cannot be repaired or it simply does not make sense to try, we offer replacement panels, stands, and hardware. If storing your system with us, we will go through your system before storing and advise of any materials needing to be repaired or replaced.

Delivery & Pick-Up

Temporary fence panels and stands are big and heavy. Transporting these materials requires some serious trucking. Don’t let this discourage you from purchasing your own system. American Fence Rental will transport these materials for you from job site to job site, job site to your storage area, or job site to our storage center. American Rental Fence has a fleet of tractor-trailers, flatbeds, forklifts, and transportation hardware.

Let Us Store Your Temporary Fence

You need a good size storage area to store your temporary fence system. Panels are typically stacked in groups of no more than 25. A standard size system will require at least 1000 square feet of storage. If storage space is an issue, American Rental Fence can help. For a one-time cost, we will store your system for you for up to a year. It is a minimal expense that saves you a great deal of space for more important needs.

Installation Only Options

Once you purchase your own temporary fence system, you may be too busy to install and remove your system when the time comes. American Rental Fence can help. We offer installation and removal only services for those customers who own their own systems. Simply tell us how many feet or panels you need to be installed and removed. We will send you a quote and stand ready to assist.

Online Fence Drawing Tool

Bypass the time spent on measuring yard dimensions with American Fence Rental’s fence drawing tool. Free to use on our website, this tool allows you to draw your fence outline on a Google Maps view of your job site. After completing your drawing, select from three fence types (free standing panels, post driven chain link panels, and barricades), and put in a request for installation or materials. You can rent or purchase temp fence materials. We offer 48-hour direct shipping.