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Why Are Temporary Fence Panels Useful?

Construction Companies

Construction takes time, but not forever. Depending on the complexity of the project, you’ll need to restrict access anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of years. Regardless of the time involved, it’s essential to both productivity and safety to keep non-workers out of your job site. Likewise, you’ll need safety barriers that can be easily removed when the job’s done.

Public Events

 Is your community hosting a golf tournament or a public barbeque? If so, there’ll be crowds and possibly even some vehicular traffic that needs guidance—only until the event is finished, that is.

Commercial events

A popular comedian’s performing at your local rec center this weekend? Once again you’ll need temporary fencing to help guide pedestrians and traffic. But as soon as the weekend’s up, there’ll be no need for barriers in the parking lot.

Private Events

If you’re renting out a building or a piece of land for a private event (such as a wedding), you’ll need temporary fencing with a gate to filter invited guests.

  • Barbwire Security Top
  • Bottom Tension Wire
  • Top Tail Framework
  • The Ultra Latch
  • Access Control Devices
Privacy Screening

Windscreens and Privacy Screens are the perfect addition for improved security and protection at your site using a temporary fence as these divert prying eyes.

Temporary fence panels is the security solution of choice for clients who only need to safeguard project areas for a limited time. Whereas homeowners and commercial property managers require protection 24/7, restricting access to a construction zone is only essential until the project’s finished. The same applies to public events: once the event is over (usually after a few days or even a few hours), there’s no further need for fencing originally erected for crowd control. In situations such as these, it’s not practical to spend days installing traditional fencing when you can opt for temporary fence panels.

Installing Temporary Fence Panels

Installing a chain link panel fencing system is a quick and convenient solution. Our custom-built fence panels are of the highest quality and can be built to suit as we designed these panels to be installed with both driven posts and stands.

  • Post Driven : with this option, the posts of your chain link fence panels are drilled and set into the ground. The ideal method for strength and longevity, post driven is commonly used for jobs requiring lengthier fence usage—such as construction zones. However, there is another choice which does not involve tearing apart the ground.
  • Freestanding Posts: If your situation doesn’t allow drilling into the ground—say, the property owner’s granted permission to stage an event but not to alter the terrain—the freestanding fence installation method is your best choice. As the name implies, the posts rest on a series of stands, which in turn are anchored using sandbags.

About Our Temporary Rental Fence Panels:

Most temporary fence panels we built are typically 12 feet wide and six or eight feet tall, however, we can accommodate your unique specifications if you require a different size.  American Fence Rental Company has a custom metals fabrication department that fabricates unique custom temporary enclosures.  We actually built the temporary containment system for the reintroduction of the wolves to Yellowstone National Forest.  The panels are constructed of sturdy structural fence tubing. We install cross-bracing to provide additional support to the framework and panel frame. Galvanized high-quality chain link fabric is then stretched in the panel frame to ensure a perfect fit. Each panel is interlocked and held into place by a post that has an exclusive interlocking ring system that makes it easy to either drive the posts or set the posts into a stand.

CAD Drawings

M500 Anti-Climb – Panel
M500 Anti-Climb – Panel


M500 Anti-Climb – Panel
M400 Anti-Climb – Panel


M500 Anti-Climb – Panel
M400 Anti-Climb – Mesh


8' Chainlink Temp Panel
8′ Temporary Panel


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