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If you need rental fencing in St Paul, look no further than American Fence Rental! This easy to handle fence type provides ideal security for construction sites, concerts, golf tournaments, marathons — all kinds of situations where crowd and vehicle control are a must! With an assortment of products on stock and knowledgeable staff at the ready, we can service your temporary fence needs today!

Rental Fence Products

Panel Fencing

As the #1 rental fence contractor in St Paul, we specialize in easy to assemble products that are affordable for budgets of all kinds. Our products are easily assembled, transported, configured and reconfigured. For properties where security perimeters and needs are always changing, our rental fences are a top choice!


Of course, fences that need to permit authorized entry also need temporary gates. American Fence Rental of St Paul can help with that, too — offering swing and slide gates so that permitted entry is easy. Job sites and public events that need controlled foot and vehicle traffic benefit greatly from temporary gates.



Keeping dirt and debris out of job sites is integral for productivity, and it is representational to have some form of branding on your temporary fences. Windscreens — also known as privacy screens — are ideal solutions for all of these needs, as they are highly customizable, able to include text, graphics, logos, colors, etc.

This type of commercial fencing is among the most affordable available and allows for highly efficient installations. It is often used to secure job sites or other areas where access is restricted. However, they are also an excellent solution for creating boundaries in recreational spaces, such as tennis courts.


Another temporary fence solution offered by American Fence Rental are barricades — perfect for crowd control at parades, marathons, weddings, etc. These barriers are lightweight and easy to install. Configuration and reconfiguration is simple, requiring no special equipment and boasting a number of setup options.


For job sites and event areas that need an additional layer of security on top of perimeter fencing, American Fence Rental offers barbwire, tension wire, access control devices, top and bottom rail framework, etc. We also offer the Ultra Latch, which is resistant to bolt cutters. The number of additional solutions we offer on temporary fence security is among the reasons we are the city’s #1 fence contractor.


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When it comes to rental fence panels and stands, there is a significant amount of weight that needs to be transported. This requires a considerable amount of horsepower and, in most cases, return trips. To save yourself time on transportation, contact American Fence Rental.

Our staff is equipped with forklifts, flatbed trucks, tractor-trailers, and all sorts of hardware to smooth the process of transportation. We can transport your fence parts between job sites, from a job site to a storage area, and from a job site to a storage center.


In most cases, temporary fence panels in St Paul are stacked in groups amounting up to 25. Storage space of up to 100 square feet — or more, in some cases — may be required. If you’re running into difficulties regarding storage, give us a call and we’ll help you find a solution.

If you need storage space, American Fence Rental, for a one-time fee, will store your temporary fence store for up to a year! Save your personal storage space for your personal belongings while we take care of storing your temporary fence system until you need it again!


Schedules can become busy, and you might not have enough time to install and later remove and store temporary fencing. In these situations, do not hesitate to give American Fence Rental of St Paul a call! Our staff knows rental fencing inside and out and are experts in installation, disassembly, storage, and reassembly.

Our staff consists of trained industry professionals who know the ins and outs of fence installation, disassembly, and storage. We are knowledgeable about rental fences of all kinds — so even if you have fencing from another contractor, we can still help with your fencing needs! Have questions? Give us a call!

Get a quick, accurate quote on your rental fence solution by submitting measurements regarding feet and the number of panels you have. Our staff is at the ready to help with your project.


Temporary fencing in St Paul is regularly exposed to the elements when in use, and over time can endure some wear and tear. Most people just throw away their fencing when it starts to wear out, but American Fence Rental stresses the value of repairs and maintenance. We have a healthy stock of hardware, posts, stands, fabric, and panels — and our staff is ready to restore your fence to glory!

We are the #1 rental fence contractor in St Paul. Ready to assist you with all your rental fence and rental gate needs. No matter the project — whether it’s replacing a single worn-out panel or installing 1000 feet of fencing — American Fence Rental is here to help!