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American Fence Rental of Des Moines

Searching for a company that can install, repair, and collect your temporary fencing? How about one that offers both renting and purchasing options? American Fence Rental provides full Des Moines, IA temporary fence solutions, including temporary fence rentals, temporary fence repairs, temporary fence purchasing options, and more to the Des Moines, IA area! We offer chain link temporary fence, chain link panel temporary fence, and our top-performing anti-climb temporary fence panels.  Get a free quote from American Fence Rental today or call 531.329.4400


American Fence Rental is your premier solution for temporary access control and site security for construction sites, disaster relief zones, designated work areas, and more! Whatever your short-term security needs, we offer the perfect temporary fence solution.

American Fence Rental maintains its title as the Midwest’s leading provider of temporary fences and barricades in the Midwest. One big reason for this is that we maintain a vast inventory of fence panels, posts, fabric, and barricades, all readily available for delivery and installation. As a subsidiary of American Fence Company, a trusted industry name with over fifty years of experience, we have established ourselves as one of the nation’s top commercial and residential fence contractors. This affiliation grants us access to a diverse range of temporary fencing options and materials. All of which can be customized to suit the unique requirements of your individual project.

American Fence Rental takes pride in employing a dedicated custom metals fabrication department. This specialized team excels in creating unique temporary enclosures tailored to the specific needs of the client. Among our many achievements: we built the temporary containment system used in the successful reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone National Forest. Choose American Fence Rental for all your temporary fencing needs! Unmatched expertise, quality, and reliability!


At American Fence Rental, we understand that your temporary fencing needs require expert installation and safety as a top priority. Whether you prefer the durability of a temporary post and fabric arrangement or the convenience of paneled temporary rental fencing, our qualified team in Des Moines will take care of all the installation work for you. Trust us to ensure that your temporary fence is installed in the right location, providing you with peace of mind and security.


Do you have multiple projects a year in Des Moines that have you repeatedly renting security fencing? Why continue to rent your temporary fence if you can own it? American Fence Rental offers a wide array of temporary fence panels, gates, stands, hardware, and braces. Along with our temporary fence purchasing option, we also offer our services to do the heavy lifting by delivering and picking up your temporary fence materials between job sites. We will also store your temporary fence in a local Des Moines facility while it’s not in use. If you choose to store with us, we will also help you repair your panels in the event that any are damaged, or replace them entirely if needed. Fill out our free estimate form or give us a call at 531.329.4400 today to find more about buying your own temporary fencing today.


When it comes to temporary fence materials, we offer our customers a choice: purchasing and renting. If you need perimeter security for a few weeks, days, or even hours, renting materials is the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are involved in multiple short-term events throughout the year, you might your money’s worth by owning your own temporary fence panels.

The perks of purchasing or renting from American Fence Rental, include:

  • 48-hour shipping, direct to you.
  • Buyback program, allowing you to sell back materials when you no longer need them.
  • Financing options to make your purchase or rental more convenient.

At American Fence Rental, our experts will guide you in finding the right temporary fence solution, offering competitively priced fencing products that meet your requirements. Visit our FAQ section or get in touch with our team of temporary fence experts.


American Fence Rental’s free online drawing tool allows you to calculate the temp fencing needed for your job site—in a matter of minutes! Bypass the hours spent physically measuring your site dimensions.

Our tool allows you to draw on a Google Maps view of your property—or a blank canvas if you already know your site measurements. Once the drawing’s complete:

  • Pick out the kind of temp fence you want
  • Choose between
    • Freestanding Panels
    • Post Driven Chain Link Panels
    • Barricades
  • Lastly, fill out your contact information to request a quote for either installation or materials

Our team will get back to you with an estimate ASAP!


Skip the hassle and use our NEW Layout Temp Fence Drawing Tool to get a FREE Quote

Buy or Rent Fence Materials

Discover a multitude of options at American Rental Fence for businesses seeking to invest in their own temporary fence systems. Instead of continuously renting and relocating temporary fencing from project to project, why not consider the benefits of ownership? American Rental Fence simplifies the process by offering a range of ownership-based services, making it convenient for you to own your very own temporary fence.

fence panel installation

Once you purchase your own temporary fence system, you may be too busy to install and remove your system when the time comes. American Fence Rental Company offers installation and removal only services for those customers who own their own systems.



How is the temporary fence secured to the ground?

Ideally the fence is set with posts driven in the ground.  This is not always possible so using sandbags is necessary to secure the fence over paving.  Make sure your fence contractor provides at least two sandbags per post.

Should my temporary fence have gaps on the bottom?

Any gap at the base of your fence is a possible point for a break-in.  Others see these gaps as an opportunity to lift the fence and crawl under it.

What is a clear zone and do I need one?

A clear zone is an area near your fence that is clear of equipment, tools, objects, etc. You should establish a clear zone on the inside and outside of your fence.  We recommend 5′ on both sides.  This not only removes items for others to climb but also removes items for potential thieves to hide behind.

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