Anti-cut padlock technology in the new Ultra Latch.

Double Drive American Ultra LatchCheck out the Ultra Latch by The American Fence Company, is the only non-removable, no-cut, anti-cut padlock, two sided gate latch on the market.  No bolt cutters will cut this anti-cut lock.  It is a perfect fit for substation and equipment enclosures that are not attended by personnel.  A bolt cutter will not get you through this lock.  MidAmerican Energy has been specifying the American Ultra Latch on their facilities to provide that ultimate security. The lock body can be flipped 180 degrees to accommodate 1 1/2″ to 2 1/12″ lock hasps.  This unique one of a kind lock uses a modified u-bolt attachment with a nut on one end and a stud on the other.  The stud goes to the outside of the lock body on the public side, making the lock body un-removable.  In the picture below, you are seeing the secure side of the lock body. On the other side is the welded T to the end of the u-bolt.  Our locks are two sided access.  Contact us for a full submittal package that includes drawings and specifications.

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