How to Pick Out the Best Temporary Fence for your Construction Site

Construction season is in full swing, and these days most sites need temporary construction fencing. Different sites have different needs, and it can be tricky figuring out exactly what type of rental fencing you should get. Here are a few key questions you should answer before going to get temporary fencing.

  1. What surface is my temporary construction fence going to be on? Is my site on concrete or asphalt? If so you may want to consider our panel system. This allows you to secure your site without penetrating a permanent surface.
  2. Is the layout of my construction fence going to change? If you have the challenge of varying layout plans, again you may want to consider the American Fence Company of Iowa’s temporary panel fence system. This allows you the latitude to modify the layout without trying to coordinate with others to make the modifications happen.
  3. What are you protecting? Want to keep passersby from rubbernecking or casing your site?  American Fence Company of Iowa can add some screening to your Jobsite fence. This is an attractive way to give your site some additional security.
  4. How long is my site going to need to be secured? If you are going to be on a job site for an extended period of time, the driven posts system may provide a more tamper-resistant method of keeping unwanted visitors out of your site. The posts being driven into the soil will provide a more stable application that will withstand wind and traffic better.
  5. How do you decide where to put your fence? Think about all of the challenges that will be presented as your construction site gets into full swing. Where will you stage materials? Where will delivery trucks enter and leave the site? How can I maintain adequate room for all of the employees who is trying to do their job? Let us help. American Fence Company of Iowa has installed thousands of construction site fences and we have seen the challenges you deal with and the best part is we have a solution.

How am I to get into and out of my job site? I need a gate!

  1. How do you select what type of gate to use? There are a variety of types of gates that can be used for access. The most common means would be a swing gate. These are available in nearly any size you can imagine.
  2. What if your site is congested and you have nowhere for that gate to swing? You may want to consider a slide gate. A slide gate just requires a narrow path to roll in and typically stores adjacent to the fence. This type of gate is very useful in tight sites. Helpful hint, this type of gate will require concrete footings for the gate posts.
  3. How about access for those that don’t park at the job site? Probably better to add a pedestrian gate. These gates can be added anywhere on a job site and might help to make it a lot easier for my crews to get in and out of the site a the beginning and end of the day.

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